Global Game Jam 2011: Newport

Once again this year Newport (with huge effort from Mike Reddy) hosted a regional Global Game Jam event. This yeartThe theme for this was “Extinction”, but there were also a series of optional achievements.

Students participants, in no particular order, included: Mac Simmons; Rhys Thomas; Ahmed Zaman; David Prior; Paul Seaman, David Treharne, Matthew Jackson, Craig Fox, Tim O’Connell, Tom Wood, Alister McInnes, Kate Killick, Jason Thomas, John Reed and
Stephen McCrann.

Helpers included: Dr. Mike Reddy, Corrado Morganna and Henry Hoffman (floating artist).

Here are some of the great games produced…

Double Vision

You play as a lost moose trapped between two conflicting worlds. The player must reach the Great Spirit moose in the sky whilst keeping track of both platforms and enemies in the different worlds. The game is loosely based on ‘Visual Extinction’ which is a neurological disorder characterised by severe impairment in identifying two or more visual stimuli displayed briefly at the same time.

Download & Play Double Vision

The Last Quagga 

You play as the last Quagga, a now extinct animal that looks like half zebra half horse. As you run forwards you need to stop half in the shadows to become invisible and no longer vulnerable to the predators. A simple single button game that requires timing based skill.

Download & Play The Last Quagga

Happy Bunnies Extinction

The bunnies are multiplying and it is down to you Lava Penguin to stop then by any means necessary.

Download & Play Happy Bunnies Extinction


Vol is a four-player, team vs team game played on a single keyboard. Using a simple two key mechanism to move, attack and defend, players either repel or attract lifeforms into on-screen hazards. Wipeout the competition, protect your species.

Download & Play Vol

Forever Alone

You play as a broken Hero, who couldn’t beat the Final Boss of his game, which in turn ended up killing every human being on the planet, with the exception of you. You had managed to eventually kill the Final Boss, but everyone was already dead, so you; The “Hero”, are the last remaining human being on Earth, forced to live out the remainder of his existence in solitude in your retirement log cabin in the forest.

Download & Play Forever Alone

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