Thomas Was Alone release announced

After a successfully showing off Thomas Was Alone at GameCity, Mike Bithell has announced that his debut solo title will be released in April 2012. The full announcement can be found on the Official Thomas Was Alone Website.

If you want to play the prototype (built in 24 hours using flash) you can find it on Kongregate.

Mike is also starting to cause quite a stir amongst the games press, with articles in… Final Boss, Topless Robot & Destructoid to name a few.

With The Dust trailer released

Henry Hoffman and Kate Killick have release a trailer for their current project, With The Dust. We’ll be posting more information as and when we get it.

After showing With The Dust at GameCity and Indie Game Magazine have written an articles about it.

Official With The Dust Website

Newport Students and Graduates will be at GameCity

Once again students and graduates from the Computer Games Design course will be attending GameCity in Nottingham from 25th to 29th October.

This year we will be showcasing some of our graduate projects in the Lounge, all day on Thursday 27th October. There will be a variety of games, made by our students and graduates for everyone to try out.

The games on show include, With The Dust, Thread Bear, Pipe Dream, QUBE, COAST and Mundungo.

We had a great time at GameCity 5 and this year is looking like it will be another great one with loads of interesting events already in the GameCity Schedule.

    Pacman in the streets of Nottingham QUBE in the Lounge

Two Newport Games are on the short list for a Best of Welsh Design Award

We are very pleased to announce that two Newport games have made it onto the short list for the Graduate Interactive Award

Thread Bear by Jenny Peers and Andre Silva.
Thread Bear is a cute 3D adventure game set in a squishy fabric world. Help Bobby the panda travel through each level and sew up the rips that are affecting the balance of this fragile fabric world.
For more info and to Vote for Thread Bear.

Mush by Henry Hoffman, Kate Killick (from Computer Games Design), Ahmed Zaman, Matt Dennis, Greg O’Brian (from Games Development & AI).
Mush is an emotional puzzle platform game for the Windows Phone 7, giving you control over how your character feels. Directly change emotions through drawing smiles and sad faces, rotating the world and shaking the phone. Experience happiness, sadness, confusion and anger as you explore the unique emotional themed worlds with quirky abilities defined by the characters mood.
For more info and to Vote for Mush.

The Best of Welsh Design Awards are part of the Cardiff Design Festival. The winners will be announced on Friday the 14th of October.