Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales

With our belief in the independent games sector we are pioneering an innovative approach to computer games design. Our inventive course focusses on the creative and artistic aspects of contemporary games production and we believe it’s up to you to challenge established notions of gaming and the gamer. We emphasise our ability to think, research and experiment in combination with traditional design principles.

The University of South Wales’ Computer Games Design course is one of the oldest and most established games design courses in the UK. It has an international reputation for teaching, research, alumni and quality student experience.

Unlike many other courses, our Computer Games Design concentrates on design and creative skills. We follow a rigorous interrogation of the key concepts of games design, from drawing & movement studies, 3D modelling, engine, game mechanics and playtesting. Practice is underpinned through modules in games studies and culture and supported via regular pitching and project management sessions. We emphasis an iterative design process throughout the three years of the course.

Our design led focus sits alongside regular teaching of core technical skills that last a lifetime, skills that aren’t out of date in a year. Professional practice is championed from the start; industry practices common to creative professionals everywhere. Students work just like professional, commercial and independent developers, working collaboratively in teams producing quality design documentation, character, level and environment designs alongside working, playable prototypes, eventually producing full games.

All staff members are professional researchers, artists, developers and writers with a proven track record in international games related research and production.

Our Computer Games Design alumni have entered employment with industry notables such as Electronic Arts, Blitz, Lionhead, Codemasters, Sega, Rare, Bossa Studios, Creative Assembly, Microsoft Games and TT Games amongst others. Whilst others go on to further study or to set up their own indie studios which include Toxic Games, Angry Mango & Mudvark.

We has close links with industry and public events such as DiGRA, GamesDev South Wales, Wales Games Development ShowLondon Games Festival, and GameCity in Nottingham. Our students and alumni are given the opportunity to attend GameCity and can exhibit their work to industry practitioners and the public while also meeting notable game developers.

Alongside students are highly self motivated and produce self directed blogs, podcasts, criticism and journalism around games culture.

Find us on Twitter @USWgames

Visit our YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/+uswgames

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