Mudvark up for Develop Award

Mudvark aka Dan Da Rocha & Henry Hoffman have been nominated for the “Best Micro Studio” at the Develop Awards 2014… Good luck guys!

Check out the Mudvark 2014 show reel to see what the guys have been up to so far this year.




Henry Hoffman talks about developing for emerging platforms at Casual Connect

Henry Hoffman from Mudvark Games recently gave a talk about developing for emerging platforms at Casual Connect Europe.

He talks about approaching emerging platforms as ‘open betas’, from which to refine design, expand scope and capitalise on platform owners eagerness for content.

Two Newport Computer Games Design graduates make the Develop 30 Under 30 list

Congratulations to Dan Da Rocha and Luke Williams who have both made it onto Develop’s 2013 30 Under 30 list.

Here are Dan and Luke’s listing from the full list…

Daniel Da Rocha Managing Director, Mudvark (24)
Starting Toxic Games straight out of university in 2010 with investment from the US-based Indie Fund, Daniel Da Rocha project led the student game QUBE. Released in 2012 on Steam, he was able to pay back the initial funding in just four days. Following this, Da Rocha, 24, set up Mudvark that year to focus on HTML5 games for mobile and the web. Mudvark released its debut game, Mortar Melon, at the end of 2012 and has racked up over 800,000 downloads on the Windows Store alone.”

Luke Williams Game Designer, Bossa Studios (26)
Twenty-six-year-old Luke Williams started off as a QA tester at Bossa in July 2012. In less than a year, he has worked tirelessly to become the studio’s in-house game designer. Partly mentored by Mike Bithell, Williams has gone to create Surgeon Simulator 2013, which has sold almost half a million copies. Credited as being instrumental in the game’s creation, his colleagues say he displays great design ability. Williams is now working on the studio’s latest upcoming game, Time to Live.”

Henry Hoffman also got an honourable mention!

In 2010 another of our graduates Mike Bithell made it onto the list too!

Mortar Melon Becomes the Top Free Game on Windows 8

Mortar Melon Classic a game made by two of our graduates Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha, has topped the Windows 8 store! Now with more that 500,000 downloads it has established it’s self as one of the favourites.

You can download and play Mortar Melon for free!

Q.U.B.E.: Against the Qlock hits Steam

Mortar Melon is released on the Windows Store, for free!

We are very pleased to announce that Mortar Melon a collaboration between University of Wales, Newport graduates Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha has just been released for free on the Windows Store…

It’s great to see it is getting some great user reviews too…

You can see some of the other things that Henry and Dan are getting up to on their blog…

2 Game Designers

Dan Da Rocha and Henry Hoffman have teamed up to write a the 2gamedesigners blog about their  exploits as indie game developers.

Daniel Da Rocha is from Toxic Games, lead designer of multi-award winning, first Indie Fund game, Q.U.B.E. and Henry Hoffman is from Angry Mango Games, lead designer of chart topping, BAFTA winning Windows Phone 7 game, Mush.