Mike Bithell talks about Thomas Was Alone at Game City Nights

Thomas Was Alone

Mike Bithell has been pretty busy lately getting Thomas Was Alone (a minimalist game about friendship and jumping) ready for release, but he has still managed to find time to give a really insightful presentation at GameCity Nights about the development of Thomas Was Alone.

New trailer for Thomas Was Alone

Mike Bithell has been very busy lately continuing the development of Thomas Was Alone. There is a fantastic new trailer with voice over by Danny Wallace and a great new website.

Thomas Was Alone is named in a list of Top Ten Indie Games for 2012

The Huffington Post has named Thomas Was Alone in it’s list Top Ten Indie Games for 2012.

Thomas Was Alone release announced

After a successfully showing off Thomas Was Alone at GameCity, Mike Bithell has announced that his debut solo title will be released in April 2012. The full announcement can be found on the Official Thomas Was Alone Website.

If you want to play the prototype (built in 24 hours using flash) you can find it on Kongregate.

Mike is also starting to cause quite a stir amongst the games press, with articles in… Final Boss FightIndieGames.com, Topless Robot & Destructoid to name a few.

Mike Bithell is interviewed for the Guardian Games Blog

Mike is included in the Guradian’s Indie Dozen list, which features 12 upcoming indie developers.

Keith Stuart has interviewed Mike for the Guardian Games Blog. In the interview Mike talks about the development of Thomas Was Alone.

Newport Games’ Graduate Mike Bithell has been busy lately…

Part of the team at Bossa StudiosMike Bithell  has been involved in development of recent release Monstermind a social Facebook game. Monstermind has been getting some great press from JostiqAll FacebookAOL Games, and GameZebo, to name a few.

Mike has also been continuing development (mostly on a Sunday) of his own game Thomas Was Alone. We are all looking forward to seeing the finished game. You can play an early version of Thomas Was Alone on Kongergate (this version was made in 24 hours, probably on a Sunday).

Mike Bithell’s 24 hour success story

Mike Bithell a Newport Alumni (from a few years ago) decided to flex his game’s design muscles and produce a game in 24 hours. He created Thomas Was Alone and published it on Kongregate where is has been played over 115,000 times.

Play Thomas Was Alone on Kongregate

Mike has also been making into the press lately, begin featured in the Guardian’s The Indie Dozen and Develop Online’s 30 under 30 list.

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