Sam Coleman is awarded BAFTA Prince William Scholarship

BAFTA has announced the first Prince William Scholarships and one of them has been awarded to our recent graduate Same Coleman.,284,SNS.html

The Prince William Scholarship recipients will have their fees for further study funded by Warner Bros. and will additionally receive a short funded work placement within the Warner Bros. group of companies and access to additional Warner Bros. mentors.

Sam will be studying on the MA Games Design and Development course at the National Film and Television School.

Sam will be sharing his experiences on

You can see more of Sam’s work on his blog…

Mike Bithell announces his new game VOLUME

It is great to see that our graduate Mike Bithell has finally announced his new game Volume, the follow up to his award winning Thomas Was Alone.

You can find out more details and watch the cool videos on his website…

Computer Games Design Degree Show 2013

Dates & times: Monday 17 – Friday 21 June
Private view: Wednesday 19 June, from 6pm
Tickets: Free private view tickets go to
Venue: Newport City CampusA29/20 and screening in exhibition space

From superheroes, temporal manipulation, difficult decisions and cute dragons, come and play exciting and innovative games, talk to the developers and see sophisticated and enthralling artwork from the award winning Computer Games Design programme at the University.

BA (Hons) Computer Games Design has produced BAFTA award winning and nominated alumni with significant commercial and independent success. Presented alongside the BA and MA animation programmes, it promises to be an impressive showcase.

Come and play.

Newport Alumnus Mike Bithell Develop awards nomination

Mike and Thomas was Alone is nominated in several categories including, New IP, Use of Narrative and Micro Studio.
The July 10th Develop Awards will toast another diverse array of the finest European game development talent.

Almost 100 different companies have been listed as finalists for the July 10th event.

The shortlists for the 19 main prizes represents 36 different games and their creative talent, 49 different games studios and ten different European countries.

Q.U.B.E.: Against the Qlock hits Steam

Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone wins Games BAFTA Award 2013

Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone has won a Games BAFTA Award 2013, in the Performer category for Danny Wallace’s narration. Well done!

Mike also announced a few weeks ago that Thomas Was Alone will soon be making it’s debut on PS3 and PS Vita!


Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone gets 3 nominations at the Games BAFTA Awards 2013

It’s great to see that Thomas Was Alone is in the headlines once again. This time Thomas has been nominated for three Games BAFTA 2013 awards, in the categories, Story, Original Music & Performer (for Danny Wallace’s narration).




Pete Harries’ thoughts on exhibiting The Seeker at GameCity 7

Pete Harries a Newport grad from 2010 has been working on a new game called The Seeker. Back in October Pete showcased the game at GameCity 7 in Nottingham and has written a message about his experience…

10 things to remember when exhibiting your game

Written by Pete Harries, original article available from

In October we exhibited “The seeker” at GameCity7 in Nottingham, it was a great success and we learnt a lot. So I thought “Hey I’ll blog about this!!” unfortunately the few weeks have been incredibly busy and I’ve not had a chance to write at all. But finally, I’ve found the time to break out the pen and paper (keyboard) and get something down, and here it is! enjoy!

GameCity7 The Seeker

The Seeker gets some attention at GameCity7

1. Bring your notepad (and a pen!)

This may seem obvious but this is the number one must have item when exhibiting your game. Write down feedback, get important peoples details, notes on how to make your next trip more productive. Basically write everything down in here, if your anything like me you won’t remember half the stuff that gets said / done whilst your there so being able to reference back to your notepad is invaluable. Great for design ideas that get sparked off during the trip as well.

2. travel in groups

Exhibiting on your own is an option, but having a couple of friends that are familiar with your game or some of the development team along for the ride really, really helps! This way you can take turns to go to the toilet or go and get food. At GameCity this year I was asked to jump up on stage to talk briefly about “The Seeker” this wouldn’t have been possible if I was on my own! (cheers guys!)

3. network, network, network

This is of paramount importance. Talk to everyone! Go to the post exhibition events, Give out your business cards and introduce people to each other. When it comes to getting the word out about your game later on having a network of contacts on tap that can share with their friends any news you want to publish is extremely important.

4. support material

Business cards are obviously at the top of this list, easy to give out and less likely to go missing than a scrap of paper. But other material can be handy as well. This year we used flyers with a QR code printed on them that linked directly to our Steam Greenlight page, people could play the game and if they liked it scan the QR code and vote for us on the spot!

5. accommodation

Again something that seems obvious but make sure it’s close to the venue, you’re going to be on your feet for 7+ hours a day so you don’t want a 5 mile hike back to where your staying, especially if you carrying equipment with you! Oh and make sure you do stay overnight, you’ll want to attend those after parties!

6. Check your tech!

Prior to the event make sure you find out exactly what the situation is with tech, what will the organisers be providing? Will you need to bring specific items along with you? what time you need to be there to setup? After you have this information be sure your game is setup to work on what you have. And have a backup plan just in case that doesn’t work. Maybe even a backup, backup plan…

7. play other peoples games

These events are a great opportunity to meet people in a similar position as you, so go meet them! Play peoples games, see what they’re doing and how their doing it! Networking opportunity, inspiration and you get to play some awesome games, win-win!

8. ask people what they think of your game

Hopefully you’ll have a load of people coming by your stand, so talk to them! explain what your trying to do and see if they think your achieving it. Ask them what they think of the game even if they have any ideas about things they think would improve it! Then write it ALL down in your notebook.

9. follow up

If everything goes well at the event you’ll meet loads of great people and you’ll arrive home with hundreds of business cards. Follow them up! Email every one of them just to say hi and that it was great to meet them! (assuming it was!). If you get a chance to add them of facebook or Linkedin this is always handy as well. So next time you want to contact these people you won’t be going in cold.

10. have fun

These events are usually really enjoyable, so make the most of it!

Mortar Melon is released on the Windows Store, for free!

We are very pleased to announce that Mortar Melon a collaboration between University of Wales, Newport graduates Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha has just been released for free on the Windows Store…

It’s great to see it is getting some great user reviews too…

You can see some of the other things that Henry and Dan are getting up to on their blog…

Newport Grads short-listed for TIGA awards

We are very pleased to announce that this year there are several games from Newport Graduates that have been short-listed for the TIGA Games Industry Awards.

Tamoanchan by Jamie LewisDaisy SpiersJazz Moore & Craig Fox,  has been short-listed in the  ‘Student Game’ category.

Skyrunner: Rau and the Red Kites by Owen Pilliner and Dan Pearce, has been short-listed in the ‘Student Game’ category.

Mush by Angry Mango has been short-listed in the ‘Debut Game’,  ‘Visual Design’ & ‘Originality’ categories.

Good luck everyone!