Newport Graduates showcasing at the Wales Games Development Show 2012

Kate Killick and Henry Hoffman, will be showcasing With the Dust and Mush, and Toxic Games (Dan Da Rocha, Jon Savery and Dave Hall) will be showcasing Q.U.B.E. at the fist Wales Games Development Show.

Wales Games Development Show will showcase talented companies and projects across the digital media industry in Wales. This will be a good opportunity to network, promote digital interactive products, find talent and gain experience. SMEs and potential new start-ups can also take advantage of the wide variety of support available to them through various agencies and potential funding pools.
Games Lab.

The Wales Games Development Show is taking place on Friday 22nd June 2012  at the Millennium Centre Cardiff between 10am and 4pm. Tickets are FREE, but you should sign up on Eventbright here.

Newport Games Design gets three nominations for the Ffresh Awards 2012

We are very pleased to announce that three Newport games have been shortlisted in the Games & Interactive Media category and the Ffresh Awards 2012.

With The DustThread Bear and Q.U.B.E. have been short listed, the games and interactive media juror David Banner has written encouraging comments about all three games.

The winner will be announced on Friday 10th February.

With The Dust trailer released

Henry Hoffman and Kate Killick have release a trailer for their current project, With The Dust. We’ll be posting more information as and when we get it.

After showing With The Dust at GameCity and Indie Game Magazine have written an articles about it.

Official With The Dust Website

Newport Students and Graduates will be at GameCity

Once again students and graduates from the Computer Games Design course will be attending GameCity in Nottingham from 25th to 29th October.

This year we will be showcasing some of our graduate projects in the Lounge, all day on Thursday 27th October. There will be a variety of games, made by our students and graduates for everyone to try out.

The games on show include, With The Dust, Thread Bear, Pipe Dream, QUBE, COAST and Mundungo.

We had a great time at GameCity 5 and this year is looking like it will be another great one with loads of interesting events already in the GameCity Schedule.

    Pacman in the streets of Nottingham QUBE in the Lounge